colour for historic buildings in Copenhagen


Of course there are many really fine buildings in Copenhagen of great architectural significance but I also enjoy just walking around the inner city, looking at the colours of the brickwork, stonework, plasterwork and woodwork of the historic vernacular buildings.

Obviously the appearance of these houses, warehouses and apartment buildings is enhanced by the clear sharp light this far north in Europe and as the sun is often relatively low in the sky, through the autumn and through the Spring, or the light is reflected up off the water of the harbour or the canals, much of the effect, in townscape terms, depends on the texture of wall and street surfaces and shadows across architectural features.

Choice of colour is also crucial. An exact reproduction of historic colours is not always necessary but colours have to be chosen with some appreciation of historic architectural styles or with real panache to enhance, rather than flatten or distort, the underlying architecture of a facade. Choice of an inappropriate colour diminishes the appearance of a building and can actually compromise the appearance of the whole block or the group of buildings along a street or on a lane or square.


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