Amager mountain rises


Taken this week from across the harbour in Copenhagen, the photograph above shows how far work has progressed on the waste to energy incineration plant on Amager designed by BIG … the Bjarke Ingels Group. From the city side of the harbour, the upper part, flanked by cranes, can now be seen above the trees.

When completed, the building will be 90 metres high with a viewing platform at the top and a slope running down with ski runs of 1.5 kilometres. Photographs taken earlier in the month from closer to the works show part of the slope to the left. The slope will be planted with trees and will form a mountain trail in the summer.

Lifts to the top, adjacent to the stack, will have glass on the inner sides to give visitors views of the inner workings of the plant.

A piston in the chimney will force condensation out as giant smoke rings. Apparently this mechanism for blowing the smoke rings was tested successfully a couple of months ago though I missed it. The idea is that the rings will give the people of Copenhagen a visual reminder of just how much waste material is being burnt.