two years and counting

I've just realised that I started nordic design review two years ago with the first post on 2nd June 2013.

Changes are on the way: there will be a new navigation option on the top bar for profiles - longer posts on designers or architects or manufacturers. And for those posts the focus will be on the area where design heritage, traditional craft skills and the pressure to maintain a forward momentum for the design industry are either in conflict or overlap or come together - even if getting the right balance is a challenge for designers and manufacturers. And I want to try more general posts - to encourage discussion - about exactly how we know that a building or a piece of furniture or a design product is not just good design but great design.

I'm also thinking about a few changes to the layout of the site to make more use of the features in the SquareSpace templates. It's tempting to move this site across to the template I use for Copenhagen by design to use some of the indexing features I like but I now have an irrational fear that I will click on the option to change templates and two years of text and photographs will look like the biggest jigsaw you've ever seen scattered over the screen. Yup irrational but maybe better the Devil I know.