DAC on line


The on-line site of the Danish Architecture Centre is an amazing resource for information about modern architecture and landscape and urban planning.

There is, of course, the obvious information about the Architecture Centre itself, on Strandgade, with opening times and information about exhibitions but that is just the access point to a huge amount of data with three separate sections under the headings DAC&LIFE, DAC&BUILD and DAC&CITIES although, of course, opening and moving through and between the various sections is fluid.

Under the section DAC&Life is the Copenhagen X Gallery with descriptions, photographs and basic information about new buildings in Denmark including basic data about the architects, engineers, client, square metres and even cost that is often difficult to pull together from other sources.

Buildings can also be tagged and added to a personalised guide book with maps and then downloaded as a pdf or your personal list can be sent as an email to others so useful if you are planning to look at a number of buildings with a number of friends or colleagues.

There is information about new buildings in Copenhagen and its immediate area and about Aallborg, Aarhus and Odense and buildings are indexed by year, by architect, by location and so on and can also be found from maps.

There are even pre-recorded pod guides for running or walking. For at least four years DAC has organised an annual architecture run of 6 KM in which up to 1,000 people took part. Have to confess that my first reaction was only in Copenhagen could you find something like that.

Exhibitions at DAC can be tracked back to 2003 so again it is an amazing resource now and a very good starting point for research about contemporary Danish architecture and planning.

There are also other interesting pages like the book lists … for instance one compiled recently by Kim Herforth Nielsen of the major architectural practice 3XN.  Short comments about each book explain how the books have influenced the work of the practice.

News links cover not just DAC and Denmark but news about major projects and exhibitions and symposiums around the World with a strong focus on the development of cities ... not just completed buildings and work in progress but discussions about planning, the theories of what could or should be achieved through new architecture and what is or is not sustainable in our built environment.


Danish Architecture Centre, Strandgade 27B, DK 1401 Copenhagen K