open & shut

Over Christmas and the New Year, I was a bit lazy about keeping up to date the list of exhibitions on architecture and design that are open at the moment in the region. Yesterday after visiting as many museum and gallery web sites as possible, the list has been revised. Just click on OPEN & SHUT in the top bar. The list is actually a jpg file and can be copied to an iPad or printed out and has been kept to a single A4 side to make it as useful as possible.

With so many galleries and museums and so many exhibitions, I found it very easy to make a mental note that it was something I wanted to see, but then realised a few weeks later that I had missed the closing date ... so I started the list just for myself but thought that it might be a useful thing to publish. Just check the museum or galleries own site before you visit to find out exact opening times ... many museums are closed on a Monday but many museums have one late-night or evening opening which can be a good time to visit.

Generally I have not included exhibitions of paintings, drawings or sculpture unless they are closely related in some way to architecture and design. If I have omitted any exhibitions in the region that you think should be added then please contact me by email and I will amend the list. If you click on the heading of any post or the Comment tag at the bottom of any post, it will take you to a comments box that is forwarded on to me by Squarespace who host the site.