cupboard by Rigmor Andersen


Rigmor Andersen (1903-1995) trained as an architect and then from 1928 she was one of Kaare Klint’s first students on his furniture design course before working in his studio. She exhibited works at the Cabinetmaker Guild’s annual exhibition. From 1944 through to 1973 she taught at the Royal Academy School of furniture.

This piece, a silver cupboard with drawers, is in Brazilian rosewood with ebony handles and brass hinges and lock and was made by Rud. Rasmussens Snedkerier. It may be the design that was exhibited at the National Museum in Stockholm in 1942 - a copy of that piece was made in 1948 for the Kunstindustrimuseet (now Designmuseum Danmark).

Note the bevelled edges of the doors that sit against the bevelled edge of the side and top boards to give an elegant slim line when the door is closed. This is reminiscent of the display cases designed for the museum by Klint and also made by Rud. Rasmussen. The brass hinges have the simplest possible shape and are set flush and on the inside of the doors the holes for hidden fixing pins are filled with plugs of dark wood for a very subtle decoration.

The drawers have a fine beaded edge - again giving an elegant framing line. Legs are formed from two pieces of wood forming an L shape for strength and given a slight profile at the base. Cross bars or stretchers hold the frame of the legs together allowing the legs to be thinner. The top edge of the leg frame is bevelled and given a set back, again to give it a subtle and elegant emphasis by, in effect, creating a slight shadow below the door.


The cupboard is on display in the Designmuseum in their current exhibition Cupboards, cabinets and chests.