chair designed by Rasmus Warberg

Back in the Summer there was the annual diploma show at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, KADK, in Copenhagen with work from architectural students, fashion designers, jewellers, ceramicists and of course young furniture designers. It was an extensive and impressive exhibition and good to see just how much new talent is coming up through the education and training system in Denmark. 

Designs for two chairs by Rasmus Warberg, shown at the exhibition, link back to the recent posts here about the chairs designed by Finn Juhl and by Hans Wegner. Warberg’s chair came in two versions - one with leather upholstery and the other with webbing covering the seat. What was more striking was that the design also came with alternative top pieces for the back rest and these were in darker woods to contrast with the uprights of the legs and back. As with The Chair by Wegner, the uprights of the back are not housed into a flat underside of the back bar but the curve of the back is taken down into stubs (an ugly word for a very attractive feature) to form a smooth transition between back and upright.

Note also the high-quality work on the leather upholstery where it fits snugly around the back upright and also around the top of the front legs that stand slightly proud of the top of the seat. It is good to see that craftsmanship of a high quality can still form a key starting point for contemporary Danish furniture design.