apartment buildings in Vesterbro


Newly refurbished apartment building just a block from the main railway station

Only a few new apartment buildings have been constructed in Vesterbro where poor-quality slum housing was demolished - generally the older apartment buildings are being improved and updated. Courtyards have been cleared of buildings and made into communal gardens and several buildings have been given new balconies for private outdoor sitting areas - not just on the courtyard or garden side but in some buildings actually on the street frontage where the orientation of the building means that there is more sunlight on that side.

In some buildings small apartments have been combined to form larger family units and of course new bathrooms and new kitchens have been fitted and communal heating systems updated. As a result, many young families are moving into the area and younger people stay on even when they decide to start families. 


Traditional apartment buildings along Valdemarsgade


Balconies added to apartments on the street front on Flensborggade and on Sankelmarksgade - both facing west


Apartment buildings on Letlandsgade - part of an extensive housing scheme on the south side of Litauens Plads