trends at northmodern

Airy table from MUUTO


Another trend at northmodern was the number of designs with thin metal legs and furniture with metal, basket-shaped supports - furniture that is looking back to the style of the late 1950s and early 1960s but obviously given a distinct upgrade so not retro - or at least not retro in the sense of pastiche or direct copy. Ferm had bucket-shaped wire baskets with simple wood lids so they doubled as side tables and Menu had thin wire waste baskets designed by Norm. 

There were a number of coat hanging racks with brightly coloured plastic knobs on the ends and even the plants are going back to the type of ‘pot plant’ popular back then … I remember well the love/hate relationship my mother had with a rubber plant. She loved it by carefully nurturing it and washing its leaves with milk (recommended apparently) and it hated her or at least was indifferent - for every new leaf that slowly unfurled at the top, one dropped off the bottom so it never seemed to get bigger - just taller in a thin begrudging way.


Coupé shelves from WOUD