Copenhanger exhibited at Designtrade last August where I spoke to Lise Vilslev and Mathilde Møberg about their company and about their product … a wood hanging system suspended from a hook by a leather cord. It is simple but often the very best design is simple and it is very elegant and beautifully presented. 

What was interesting to watch last August was that Lise and Mathilde talked very openly about the hard work and struggle it had been to get that far and the focus and determination required … not talking to me but to other young designers at the fair. Lise said that designers there were at all stages of the design, production and marketing sequence and she found it frustrating to see others having to go through the struggle and repeat and face all the same problems that they had. She was very openly telling fellow designers about what they had tried but had failed or where they had tried something else and succeeded. 

It is good to see the very confident change in their presentation and in their strong confidence just six months on. Belief in their design was not a problem but the reward is clearly seeing their product now widely praised and appreciated … it is sold in the shop at the Design Museum in Copenhagen and is winning design awards.