new exhibitions in Malmö

This weekend two exhibitions opened at the Design Center in Malmö and there could not be a better illustration of just how diverse the design world is and how different the works and styles of professional designers and artists can be.

Industridesign, Hur Svårt kan set vara? - Industrial Design, How hard can it be? - marks the anniversary for the industrial design practice Zenit that was formed in Malmö in the Autumn of 1994 by four young designers who had recently graduated from the Institute of Design in Umeå. Zenit is now one of Sweden’s largest independent design studios.

Above all, the exhibition focuses on the importance, often not widey acknowledged, of the designer as technical innovations progress rapidly. The design focus of a company like Apple is clearly recognised and widely appreciated by the general public but the crucial role of designers in collaboration with engineers to produce a blood analysis system or a cash recycling machine is less obvious to the patient or the customer or even the staff who, through the quality of the design, can use the machine efficiently and easily. 

On display are more than 20 examples of the studio’s work, including the sewing machine for Pfaff, with interim stages in the design process to show how a final design is developed and graphic information panels setting out that design process.

Till en älskad vän - For a beloved friend - shows paintings, film and sculpture by Karin Auran Frankenstein including Akt 1-17, a painting with crystal glaze on porcelain and sculptures incorporating clocks.


Industridesign, Hur Svårt kan set vara?

Till en älskad vän

Both exhibitions from 27 September to 2 November 2014

Form Design Center, Lila torg 9, 211 34 Malmö