Form Design Center Malmö

Form Design Center in Malmö opened in 1964 and is run by Svensk Form … the Swedish Association of Crafts and Design that was founded in 1845 and promotes Swedish design through their eleven regional associations. 

The Malmö gallery, shop and cafe are in an industrial building, a former grain store, in the centre of the city on the south side of Lilla torg.

Known as Hedman yard, timber-framed buildings on the square and on two sides of the courtyard date back, in parts, to the 16th century but the grain store, across the south side of the yard, was built in 1850. The cafe is on the ground floor of the grain store with a large exhibition space on the first floor with smaller areas for displays and information in the lobby. The extensive shop is on the second floor with offices and meeting rooms above.

There are some twenty exhibitions a year here as well as lectures and meetings and the shop sells a range of Swedish design and books on design. Their aim is to promote “a better life through good design” and to stimulate the development of design and “increase respect for the value of design.” It is important that their activities are directed equally at both design professionals and the general public.