open & shut

A new feature has just been added to the exhibitions link on the navigation bar at the top. This is a check list of exhibitions about design and architecture that are currently open in museums and galleries in the Nordic countries with the list arranged first by country and then by the closing dates of the exhibitions.

By right clicking on the list itself, it can be copied as a jpg file to your computer or iPad or even printed out for quick reference - that is why I have tried to keep the format to an A4 page.

It is hoped that this will be a useful feature because there are so many exhibitions opening that it is possible to miss reviews or, more likely, to decide that you will visit an exhibition and then realise too late that it has already closed.

For details about the exhibitions and for specific information about addresses, transport and opening times it is important to go to the appropriate on-line sites - some museums and galleries do not open every day of the week or may be closed for specific events but many also have late evening openings. It is crucial to check before visiting.

If this feature of the site proves to be popular it will be expanded to include links and more information - possibly directions or maps for visitors unfamiliar with the museums and galleries. If you think a current exhibition on design or architecture or even graphic design and photography should be included please contact me by email.