I’m really sorry that there has been such a long break between posts. The news, and the excuse, is that I have moved home - moved from Cambridge - and for the next two years I will be living in an apartment in Copenhagen. The new place is immediately opposite the Danish Design Museum so there will be no excuse: if I’m looking for inspiration for a post then I just have to go down, cross the road and prowl the galleries in search of the muse … or if that fails just head for the museum cafe and sit in the garden with a coffee.

Being based in Copenhagen gives me a chance to make quite a few changes to this site and over the coming months I will start to write longer reviews of galleries and shops and I hope to have many more posts about young and up-and-coming designers and craftsmen and there will be no excuse for not getting to new exhibitions as they open.

Don’t expect immediate changes … all my furniture and, more important, my main computer and desk and desk chair and all my design books are somewhere in a container but heading this way … but there will be more and longer posts over the Autumn. And not just about Denmark. I’m just 500 metres from a railway station where I can get a direct train to Malmo and from there to all points east and north, and from my windows, over the trees of the Kastellet, I can see and hear the ferries arriving and returning to Oslo so Norway is a civilised overnight sail away. And Helsinki? Well there must be at least some budget flights from Kastrup.