Bookbinders Design of Stockholm

This is good design tightly focused on the historic crafts of bookbinding and typography.

The company trace their history back to 1927 when Martin Åhnberg bought his first bookbinding machine. Åhnbergs Bokbinderei was founded in 1965 and the concept for Bookbinders Design in 2001. 

Their range includes cloth-bound diaries and note books as well as binders and folders and desk paraphernalia including letter trays, boxes, sometimes called spill holders, for pens and index card boxes.

What is striking of course is the amazing and huge range of colours chosen with real panache.

Bookbinders Design is based in Holländargatan in Stockholm. There are several stores in Stockholm - these photographs were taken at their relatively new store at 1 Sankt Paulsgatan in Södermalm - and there is a store in Göteborg as well as outlets in Paris, Berlin and Trondheim.