as the nights draw in ....

When planning my move to Copenhagen there was, honestly, only one reservation and that is that I really am worried about how I will cope with the short, and ever shorter, periods of daylight through the approaching Winter. When talking to a neighbour earlier in the month, before even the clocks changed, he said cheerfully that each day there is ten minutes less light than the day before … as if that was meant to make me feel better … although to be honest, and to try to be rational, I have to deal with this, and it must sound pretty pathetic for someone coping with seeing less and less sun each day in Rovaniemi let alone Tromsø. 

There are some compensations that should help me cope: coffee shops and cafes look even more tempting by mid afternoon; shops are stocking up with industrial quantities of candles and night lights so, obviously, I have to get some in and burn wax and people are beginning to move lights and candles into windows to give the city a completely different look. 

If none of that helps then I have to keep telling myself that after Christmas the days will get longer with an extra 10 minutes every day, day after day.