Trip Trap/Skagerak

The main showroom for Skagerak is at Indiakaj, just north of Kastellet, between the fortification and the dock where the ferries from Oslo arrive. The name change - Trip Trap in Denmark to Skagerak in England - is simply because of a conflict in registered names that had to be got around - though actually I quite like running both names together because it sounds like the start of a chorus to a nursery rhyme. 

However, there is nothing childlike about the Skagerak products - fun yes but childlike no. The garden furniture and storage systems for the home are very sophisticated, well-designed and well made. 

The showroom is in a building that dates from around 1900 and was presumably an administration building for the docks but it looks remarkably as if it could be the lodge house to an English Victorian country house. There is a good area of garden to the back of the building and the large range of garden furniture is well displayed outside where it should be.

The company has stunning photographs on its web site but actually here, at the showroom, I could see that the chairs and tables had been well used by staff and customers and battered by the weather so they showed how these things will “bed in” and improve with wear.