specialist shops in Copenhagen

Good design in Scandinavia isn’t confined to furniture and household goods.

There are a huge number of shops in Copenhagen selling all sorts of things where the design of packaging or the layout of the shop is considered to be a crucial part of the selling and buying transaction. The bakeries and food halls are one obvious example.

There are also specialist shops that take real pride in what they sell because in many cases they themselves design and make many of the products in the shop. There are two very good examples of this if you walk along what is generally known as the Little Walking Street.

At the start of the Little Walking Street, right at the west end, at Rådhusstræde 8 is Blå Form. Here a long-standing partnership of four textile designers produces clothing for women that shows a huge awareness of colour and texture and they produce and use for their clothing the most amazing textiles.

Mant is at Læderstæde 30. They sell well-made wooden toys, gifts, cards and even flowers and herbs for the garden but their own products are their wax altar candles made originally on Bredgade but now made at Nordhavnen in Østerbro - north of the city centre. The bees wax candles are of a superb quality and come in a mind-boggling range of heights and diameters, all marked with the number of hours they will burn for, and they are carefully wrapped with instructions for “cheating” the wick.