Gourmandiet Copenhagen

Butchers shop 1.jpg

When you come across a butcher’s shop that looks like this then you know that you are in a city that takes food seriously and takes good design seriously. 

Gourmandiet is at Rosenvængets Alle 7a, just above Sortedams Sø, the northern-most of the distinct line of large lakes that form the west boundary of the city centre.

The painted frieze in the shop, depicting animals being driven to market, must date from around 1900 so the building has been used by butchers for many generations. 

As well as a delicatessen section, there is a restaurant side of the shop that opens for supper on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. If you want your meat to be the very best and to be fresh then I can’t imagine anywhere that could beat this place as the distance from the amazing chiller cabinets of beautifully prepared meat to the table is about 3 metres. 

Perhaps it is not necessary to point this out but obviously sitting in a butcher’s shop to eat, however fantastic the design, is probably not a good experience for a vegetarian. 

The catch phrase for Gourmandiet is “Home of Great Taste” but I will leave for another post a discussion about why we use the phrase good taste when we talk about both food and design ... another day and a day when I’m feeling brave or reckless because talking about good taste is fraught with danger.