From June until the 6th October 2013 there is a small exhibition in the National Museum of Architecture about the designs that were produced by Pablo Picasso to decorate government buildings in the centre of Oslo. 

Both the H block completed in 1958 and the Y block completed in 1969 were designed by Erling Viksjø a pioneer of modernism. Picasso produced designs for large panels and the drawings were transferred to the concrete by the Norwegian artist Carl Nesjar using sandblasting as a form of etching technique.

The panels by Picasso included a Satyr and Dancing Faun on a stairwell on the eleventh floor and The Beach and Fishermen on the walls of the eighth-floor stairwell of block H completed in 1958. Then for the second phase in 1967 Picasso produced a design entitled Sea Gull for a wall in the vestibule of Y block and in 1969 Fishermen for the exterior.  

Fortunately these works were not damaged in the bomb attack of July 2011 although the buildings are still closed with many of the windows boarded up. In part, the purpose of the exhibition is to stimulate debate about the restoration of the buildings.