Design Museum in Oslo

In Oslo, the best place to start exploring Norwegian design is the Kunstindustrimuseet (design museum) at St Olavs Gate 1. This has temporary exhibition space and a reference collection of furniture and applied art including glass and ceramics and costume. On the second floor furniture from the middle ages through to the 19th century is set out in sequence but on the first floor is furniture from about 1900 through to early this century. 

There are some incredible pieces by Gerhard Munthe (1849-1929) considered to be Norway’s first industrial designer although clearly he also looked towards the Arts and Crafts movement.

From the late 1920s there is a chair by Kristian Kristiansen and the Stol (chair) Futurum by Axel-Einar Hiorth. From the middle of the century there is work on display by the architect and designer Arne Korsmo and a selection of shell chairs and from the late 20th century moulded plastic chairs.