Södermalm, Stockholm part 2

An area to the west of Götgatan, including Hornsgatan (the main street running west), Sankt Paul Gatan, the wonderfully named Wollmar Yxkullis Gatan and the square called Mariatorget, has a large number of small galleries, workshops for craftsmen and excellent cafes.

These include Bookbinders Design at the east end of Sankt Paul Gatan selling bound diaries, notebooks and office supplies in amazing colours and in contrast a traditional bookshop and stationers at the south-east corner of Mariatorget where you want to rummage and explore. 

Sandqvist, one block south of Mariatorget, make canvas bags, computer cases, back packs, aprons in a range of strong colours - a deep Swedish blue, a deep brick colour and strong mustard yellow - and a wide range of leather goods for keys and so on. 

Two antique shops, Galon Antik & Design and Lasette Antiks & Design, both specialising in classic, mid 20th-century design share a space at Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 10, the street opposite Sandqvist. In the same block is Adisgladis selling casual clothing advertised as “organic/upcycling/off-grid.”

Of the many amazing coffee shops in the area, the two I tried were Johan & Nyström and the coffee shop and bakery for Veckmans Brod.

The street furniture of the area and the townscape with views up and down steep stairways are certainly worth exploring. I found the small iron sculpture of a rat sitting beside the post of some railings looking down at me as I came up the steps.