This year I was in Helsinki in June - in late June around the time of the longest day - and I really appreciated being able to wander around the city in the late evening when it was still warm and the sky had that never-actually-dark glow. Of course the price they pay for that comes in the Winter. Very long, very cold and very dark nights.

I know it’s nowhere near as bad in England but then this afternoon it was dark and raining here at 3.30.

One easy way to counter the gloom is by lighting candles and there is a huge range to go for ... from the tall thin candles for the Nordic Lights to the scented candles by Scintilla from Iceland … smellies called things like Westwinds and Silent Sands.

Put on your Killing Jumper, light a few candles, make some gløgg, put on something from E.S.T. - turned down low - and snuggle up with the most recent offering from Jo Nesbo.