... blogs and internet sites to check out

This list is about informative, useful or just well-designed internet sites about Nordic design and architecture - it is not trying to be a definitive list of all designers, architects or companies that may have an on-line site but is a starting point for inspiration.

These are sites I look at regularly and by keeping it short, I hope to be able to maintain the list so that it is up to date and links continue to work.


Scandinavian design blogs:

Bungalow5 was started by Allan Torp in 2010 and focuses on Danish design but covers wider aspects of design for the home

DANISH™  – an online magazine from Danish Design and Architecture Initiative. Regular posts about events and new works from designers and architects in Denmark. Well-designed site with more substance and more well-informed opinions than most blogs and building up to be the go-to on-line site for information about designers and design companies.

Emma Fexeus started her blog in 2005 and probably has the most popular design site in Sweden. Now in association with Elle but retains a very strong design aesthetic

Nytt Rom - the site for the Norwegian design magazine. For me, for its clear content and a great layout, Nytt Rom is the best of the design magazines from Scandinavia

Stil Inspiration the blog site from Pella Hedeby

general design sites:

Remodelista - a general design site but with a huge amount of material - readers can focus their search by using categories and tabs or by typing a query for Danish furniture, for instance, or the name of a designer.

architects + design studios:

Claesson Kovisto Rune architectural partnership formed in Stockholm in 1995 but now has a multi-disiplinary team working on product design and furniture. Deceptively simple, almost stark web site but well worth exploring

Henning Larsen Architects Copenhagen

C F Møller  - a major architectural partnership

Norm architects and designers Copenhagen. Probably the best site to see Danish minimalism at its best ... one apartment is even described as having a monastic simplicity

makers + manufacturers:

Artek have an extensive site and they have a separate site for 2nd Cycle 

Carl Hansen Danish furniture

Fritz Hansen Danish furniture

Iittala official site has the current catalogue with useful information about designers

Norrgavel - Swedish furniture and interior company - now with a store in Oslo

OneCollection have the licence to produce furniture designed by Finn Juhl

I find navigating round the Marimekko site slightly confusing but the Marimekko Village site is good

Louis Poulsen is a major Danish company for lighting

Secto Design Oy is the Finnish company who make birch lampshades

Spotted by ... the blog for normann of Copenhagen - more like a magazine than a company site - and that is a compliment and not a criticism

Swedese Swedish furniture producer. Good profiles for the designers they work with

design stores:

Asplund is a manufacturer with a design store in Stockholm

Illums Bolighus is the major furniture and design store in Copenhagen

Mjölk have a design gallery in Toronto but also a significant on-line store.  The separate Mjölk blog explains their interests in Scandinavian and Japanese design.

Paustian - the design store in the north harbour in Copenhagen

Skandium opened their first shop in London in 1999

Svenskt Tenn is the well-established design store in Stockholm

museums + galleries:

Danish open air museum Lyngby

Design Museum Copenhagen

Design Museum Helsinki  

Form Design Center Mälmo

National Museum Oslo with information about the Museum of Design and the Museum of Architecture

Nordiska Museet Stockholm

antique dealers and small private galleries:

Dansk Møbelkunst - for information about their galleries in Copenhagen and Paris. They publish catalogues and a number of keys books on Danish furniture.

LOKAL a small but amazing gallery in Helsinki but also with an on-line store - see my post on this gallery

Superobjekt ... a design studio and gallery in Copenhagen