Kohornstolen / Cow Horn Chair by Hans Wegner 1952


Considered to be a development of the form and style of The Round Chair but more compact with short elbow rests rather than the longer arm rests of The Round Chair or the later Bull Horn Chair. This means that the chair can be pushed in closer to the table and it is easier to get up from the chair when sitting at the table.

The front legs stand proud of the seat and are rounded on the top. The cane of the seat or, in the upholstered version, the leather covering of the seat are taken over the rails of the seat in the traditional way.

The two pieces of timber for the back are cut in line from the same plank. Joining timber end to end with grain exposed is weak so here the join is reinforced with tenons cut from a contrasting wood to make this a distinctive and decorative feature of these chairs.

Johannes Hansen showed the chair at the Cabinetmakers' Exhibition in 1952

PP Møbler

in the collection of Designmuseum Danmark


photographed in the showroom of PP Møbler

photographed at the exhibition on the work of Hans Wegner at Designmuseum Danmark in 2014. ... the Office Chair 502 - shown behind the Cow Horn Chair was designed three years later in 1955 and shows how Wegner returned to the shape of the back with elbow rests but made it deeper and joined the separate parts in a very different way 



designed by Hans Wegner (1914-2007)
cabinetmakers Johannes Hansen, PP Møbler

oak, ash or cherry - detail rosewood
cane seat or upholstered

height: 75 cm
width: 59 cm
depth: 45 cm
height of seat: 44 cm